Writing Style

Following are the evolving set of guidelines that we follow at Myrel Communications:

1) Write afresh
Writing should make the reader open up to new insights, mostly by breaking the existing logic. The style of your writing depends on the degree of fierceness or gentleness with which you break the logic.

2) Read Ramana
Reading the conversations of Enlightened Masters and their disciples help you understand that brevity is the sign of clarity, and also of compassion. One side effect of reading an Enlightened Master would be that you may get Enlightened and enter into the realm beyond words.

3) Medium is the message
A word is a medium, and hence the medium is the message. Choosing the right word goes a long way in conveying the message.

4) Save energy
Treat each word as an electric bulb. See whether it is necessary to have it. Remove adjectives, adverbs – the energy guzzlers. Writing thesis is also not a big deal and will be a great benefit to you. You can see my friend’s custom thesis¬†article for getting help.

5) You are a doctor
Treat every word as a pill. Just how over dosage is harmful for the patient’s health, unscrupulous choice of words affect reader’s understanding. Select words – simple or pompous – based on the purpose.

6) Explain it to your grandma
Einstein explained Relativity Theory with the example of how the passage of time is perceived by someone waiting for his girl friend. His clock shows that only few minutes had passed but to him, it might look like days. You can come up with a small denominator presentation to explain your big idea. There is nothing too complex in the world that you cannot explain it to your grandmother. Think, think, think.

7) Size of the Umbrella
Scientists are obsessed with coming up with a formula that will apply to everything in the world and outside of it. Stephen Hawking is confident that there will soon be a universal law that will pretty much explain everything, every movement at every level. Best of luck. But so far it has proved futile.

8) Catch-All Phrase
Any definition can be considered as an umbrella. It cannot hold everything under it. Do not come up with definitions that try to cover everything under it. Instead, come up with definitions that are tailor made to cover a few select items. There is no catch-all phrase.

9) Logic is fine
Nothing is wrong in being assertive on the back of a logic, as long as you restrict your logic to a context. Know your logic’s limitations. Even Newton’s laws needs context. At sub-atomic level none of his laws hold good as atoms do not conform to his concepts of size, location, velocity, etc.

10) Beware of fads
One more analogy from the medical world. A medical foundation started by famous urologists in Chennai provides treatment for renal care at very low cost. Not that their operations are funded, but the main reason is they use pills that are very old, and cost effective.

The doctor said that he does not know the reason why many of his colleagues do not use old pills, when there is clinical evidence to prove its efficacy. Caution for writers: Do not try to use new words – magic pills – which have the potential to become fads sooner. If an existing word itself can be effective, then why discard its usage.